Open Records Request

1.         Administrative Charges: Administrative charges for search, retrieval, and other direct

            administrative costs not to exceed the salary of the lowest paid full-time employee who,

            in the discretion of the custodian of the records, has the necessary skill and training

            to perform the request. Administrative charges shall be no less than $11.50 per hour.


2.         Ordinances: City Code Available Online

                                             Zoning Ordinance: $20.00


3.         Certified Copies:$1.50/page and/or document


4.         Copy of Public Records: $0.25/per page


5.         CD’s: $5.00 per CD plus administrative charges if applicable


6.         Recordings Copied to Flash Drive: No charge for first fifteen minutes (customer must

            provide flash drive) (administrative charges will apply for anything after the first fifteen



7.         Photographs: Actual Reproduction costs and administrative costs (if applicable) will be



8.         Research Time: First 15 minutes at no cost pursuant to State Law. Administrative Charges

            apply thereafter.


9.         Inspection of Records: Public documents are available for review and inspection at no

            charge to the requestor unless the following conditions apply:


            a) The custodian of the records has to conduct a search and retrieval of the records

                out of storage for which the administrative charges will be charged to the requestor

                (minus the first 15 minutes);


            b) Copies are requested – then administrative and copy charges will apply (if



            c) The document can only be found on a city employee’s computer– if that is the

                case, the document will have to be printed (and/or redacted if applicable) and copy and

                administrative charges will apply. The general public is restricted from access to City


10.       Emailing of Documents


            The custodian of records may email a document(s) to a requestor at no charge if the

            following conditions apply:


                        a) The document is an electronic document that can be retrieved within the first 15



                        b) The document does not have to be redacted and copied before it can be



                        c) The document is not an exempt document under the open records act for

                            public disclosure;


                        d) And the document size does not exceed the allowable size for emailing.