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Once again I am sending a mass email out to my community contacts as a reminder of the recent incidents throughout the county.

Recently Canton PD arrested several young folks out of Atlanta entering cars in Great Sky.  They did some outstanding work and basically caught them in the act thanks in large part to a couple of residents of the Great Sky community seeing some suspicious activity and making that 911 call.

I’m telling you this to let you know those same attested youth are calling their “friends” in Atlanta and telling them to come on up to Cherokee County because, even though they were caught, the folks up here still leave guns in unlocked cars and trucks.  We are what is considered by these Atlanta thugs as “easy pickings”.  I also want to remind you of events that happened early this morning in Hall County.

A Deputy there lost his life in a shoot out with similar crooks to the ones we had here.  This link is from Fox 5 Atlanta as of this morning


So…PLEASE send this out to EVERYONE you know in the area.  PLEASE LOCK YOUR DOORS.  PLEASE don’t leave firearms in your vehicle, even if you do lock your doors.  DON’T leave valuables plainly visible in your vehicles overnight.  Add some security lighting to the outside of your home.  Keep your eyes out for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary and CALL 911 if you do see something.

 Thank you to everyone,

 Lt. David Simmons

Cherokee County Sheriff's Department

**Latest News**    


Date:  6/17/2019 2019
Kennesaw Ave. Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements Project
Location: Cherokee Avenue, Nelson, GA 30151
Bid Number — 2019-001

The City of Nelson, Georgia is soliciting sealed bids for the above project (purpose) as described in the attached Special Terms and Conditions, and Bid Specifications. Bids will be received by the City of Nelson City Hall located at 1985 Kennesaw Avenue until:

7/24/2019 @ 2:00 p.m.

Pre-Bid Mandatory Meeting for All Prospective Bidders
6/28/2019 at 10:00 am
Location: 1985 Kennesaw Avenue, Nelson, GA 30151

Bids will be opened at the City Hall, 1985 Kennesaw Ave, Nelson, Georgia at the above stated time and date. Sealed Bids submitted prior to the bid opening, either in person or by mail, must be directed to the following location:

City of Nelson
“Bid for Construction, Kennesaw Ave.
 Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements Project”
1985 Kennesaw Avenue
Nelson, Georgia 30151

Prospective bidders are instructed to obtain a Bid Package from City Hall or by emailing a request to; one (1) paper copy of the drawings/specifications can be picked up at City Hall by 6/28/2019, upon receipt of cash/certified check in the amount of $150.00; an electronic copy (*.pdf) can be obtained for free upon request and receipt of a valid email address. Read the General Terms and Conditions, Special Terms and Conditions, and Bid Specifications very carefully. Bid forms MUST be completed entirely and include all required information requested in the Bid Package. Questions concerning terms and conditions, specifications, or any other aspects of the bid, please contact the following.                                         

Sylvia Green                                  Miranda McDowell
City Mayor                                     Finance Manager                    
 770-735-2211 office

Should you have an urgent City Hall matter please contact:

Mayor Sylvia Green - 678/215-5137
Mayor Pro Tem James Queen 770/331-7892


Just a reminder...
Parking on sidewalks is not allowed. We realize that this time of year means family and friends will be visiting but please pull the vehicles out of the way. This has been becoming a problem and creating safety problems for both drivers as well as those who walk. Children need to be able to safely travel to their bus stops. If this continues, we will be forced to take further action to rectify the problem.  Thank you all for your time and consideration.


Important Information:


*NOTICE: City of Nelson's Cherokee County Residents will pay their 2018 City Property Taxes when paying their Cherokee County Property Tax Bill to Cherokee County. This is due to a consolidation agreement between Cherokee County and the City of Nelson.  By doing so it reduces the paperwork, saves on cost and provides easier processing.


What You Can do Before Severe Weather Strikes 

1. Develop a disaster plan for you and your family at home, work, school, and when outdoors. The American Red Cross offers planning tips and information on a putting together a disaster supplies kit at: 

2. Identify a safe place to take shelter. Information on how to build a Safe Room in your home or school is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency at: 

3. Know the county/parish in which you live or visit – and in what part of that county you are located. The National Weather Service issues severe weather warnings on a county/parish basis, or for a portion of a county/parish. 

4. Keep a highway map nearby to follow storm movement from weather bulletins. 

5. Have a NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards receiver unit with a warning alarm tone and battery back-up to receive warning bulletins. 

6. National Weather Service (NWS) watches and warnings are also available on the Internet. Select your local NWS office at: …or go to the to the NWS Home Page at 

7. Listen to commercial radio or television/cable TV for weather information. 

8. Check the weather forecast before leaving for extended periods outdoors. Watch for signs of approaching storms. 

9. If severe weather threatens, check on people who are elderly, very young, or physically or mentally disabled. Don’t forget about pets and farm animals. 

(For more helpful hints like this and additional information regarding severe weather safety tips please use the following link:


 Our staff is available during regular business hours to assist the public with applications for business license, code enforcement, municipal court, sanitation account establishment, payments, zoning, and all other items of business to be conducted with the City of Nelson.


City Hall Is Located At:
1985 Kennesaw Ave.  Nelson, Georgia  30151

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 100  Nelson, Georgia  30151

Business Hours:
9am - 4pm Monday thru Friday 
(Excluding Holidays)

Phone Number: 770-735-2211
Fax Number: 770-735-3957

Next Council Meeting:

City Council Meeting 
July 8, 2019 at 7:00pm
Nelson City Hall
1985 Kennesaw Ave.
Nelson, GA 30151




Mission Statement
    To Partner With Our Community, To Deliver Services, Preserve,Protect And Enhance The Quality Of Life 
And Plan For The Future.

Our Leadership Team is committed to be fiscally responsible; to work in tandem with both Cherokee and Pickens Counties and neighboring governments; and always demonstrate integrity and respect in carrying out our shared responsibilities. We will strive to behave in a manner that reflects the above values with being accountable to our Citizens, whom we serve, and to each other in promoting a team spirit for the betterment of our City.

Nelson City Council Meeting Dates

Monday, February 11, 2019
Monday, March 4, 2019
Monday, April 15, 2019
Monday, May 6, 2019
Monday, June 10, 2019
Monday, July 8, 2019
Monday, August 5, 2019
Monday, September 9, 2019
Monday, October 7, 2019
Monday, November 11, 2019
Monday, December 2, 2019

**All meetings start at 7 pm.**
**Dates subject to change.**

(Work Sessions will be scheduled as needed.)




MONDAY,JULY 8, @ 7:00 p.m.

Nelson City Hall


1.  Call to Order


2.  Invocation


3.  Pledge of Allegiance


4.  Agenda Approval


5.  Approval of Minutes


6.  Department Reports

                a.  Police Report (Lt. David Simmons, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.)

                b.  Mayor’s Report (Mayor Sylvia Green)

                c.  Finance Report (Miranda McDowell, Finance Mgr.)


7.  Unfinished Business

a.  Kennesaw Ave. Drainage Project updates

b.  Discuss and Vote on the 2019 millage rate for the Cherokee side of Nelson

c.  Compensation for Council and Mayor


8.  New Business

                a.  Discuss and Vote on the Library Resolution

                b.  Discuss vending machines and golf cart permits


9.  Public Appearance


10. Executive Session


11. Adjourn